Kadhi (Indian yogurt curry)

Yogurt Curry

Yogurt Curry


  • Yogurt, 1 cup
  • Sugar, 1 tsp
  • Ginger, 1 tsp, grated
  • 1 green chili, slit and cut in 4 pieces
  • Curry leaves, 5-6 leaves
  • Besan / chickpea flour, 1 tbsp

For tempering

  • Ghee (purified butter), 1 tbsp
  • Fenugreek seeds, ¼ tsp
  • Mustard seeds, 1 tsp
  • Cumin seeds, 1 tsp
  • Asafetida, ¼ tsp


  1. Churn 1 cup yogurt with 2 cups water to make buttermilk
  2. In a small cup, mix the chickpea flour with 2 tbsp water to make thick paste
  3. Add the chickpea paste, chili, ginger, curry leaves, salt and sugar in the buttermilk and put it on stovetop
  4. Bring the spiced butter milk to boil, while regularly stirring it
  5. Boiling the butter milk cooks the chickpea flour. Put it aside once boiled
  6. In a small saucepan, heat the ghee
  7. Once ghee is hot, add fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, cumin seeds
  8. Once most of the seeds have popped, add asafetida and gently stir to make sure asafetida turns very lightly brown and then immediately add the tempering to the spiced buttermilk
  9. Serve this kadhi hot with other Indian dry curry and Indian roti / chapatti

Serves: 6


This is a very common curry / soup in the state of Gujarat, India

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